domenica 17 febbraio 2013

The end(?)

The premiere show was just awesome. More than 260 people gathered to see our videos, laughing, screaming, cheering and clapping their hands. The Social Centre was packed!
All the videos the kids made will be uploaded on YouTube soon. Meanwhile, you can see here all our heros from Black Moon, Full Moon, Red Fox and Wild Cat teams (click on the image to see it full screen!).
We'd like to thank the entire Magoodhoo community for the huge and wonderful support they gave all along the project. We wouldn't have done so much without you people. We're also hugely grateful to Magoodhoo School and Council Office for promoting this project on the island.
It's been an amazing experience, we really don't know how to describe this better.

We're going to meet all the teams today to talk about this and to share feelings, thoughts and pictures. Lots of pictures.

We'll talk to you soon


Andrea and Angelica

Rasha, Director

Malsa, Editor

Mahiya, Camera Operator

Faiq, Editor

Maish, Camera Operator

Hamdhan, Director

Gulma, Camera Operator

 Nashfa, Editor

Dhiyana, Editor

Eenash, Editor

Naufal, Camera Operator

Shamin, Director

Faahiraa, Camera Operator

Nausha, Camera Operator

Amaanaa, Editor

Saha, Camera Operator

Areef, Camera Operator

Sidhura, Director

Hasma, Editor

 Rifa, Editor

martedì 5 febbraio 2013

Waiting for the great event

Shooting time is finished with all the teams. Last days were quite complicated because the school had already started and the kids could only come in the afternoon. But the work was over in a few days anyway.
We met some day ago to watch the videos all together and everybody really enjoyed it.
We are really happy and proud about the work they did and we can't wait for the day we will show it to the rest of the island.
We will organize a big event to share the job we did and we will invite everyone. Uploading all the videos will be the next step.
Kids are so enthusiastic about their works that we are really curious to see which reaction will come from the audience.

We'll let you know about it!


Angelica and Andrea