domenica 30 dicembre 2012

Wild Cat is on the way to complete the mission

The first day after the time table was changed we completed our job: that day we finished it!
Some shot was very easy but some other was very hard. For the last shot we had to find many people but most of those we found were kids. It was very hard just because they were kids but the camera man, Ishu, and me, the director, we both tried a very hard job to make them understand the scenes and Faiq, who looks after the sound, and Mahi, the one looking after the lights, they also did a great and hard job and that lazy Malsa editor and light operator did not come at morning but at afternoon we went to find her.

The thing I have to say to the group as director is: YOU ALL HAVE DONE A SUPER BEST JOB!
The next thing we all  have to do is editing, but the camera man is gone to Male'.

Rash, Wild Cat Director

The chant of the Red Fox

I am the director of Red Fox team. Today we recorded the song. Not the whole song, but we tried the best. Then we went for shooting. We took plenty of time to take the shots. It was the funniest day of my life. While shooting we had a lot of fun. And that's it.


mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Behind the scenes: laughing with our actors


Black Moon team goes editing

Today was the last day of shooting and we went to Nabeel's house. In our documentary he is the inventor of the solar panels. He is the main character and he has done a great job.
During the afternoon, some kids came to act in our documentary. They are brilliant and talented. We spent some hours with them. They were really funny kids. Angie gave them as gift some bottles of coke because they were getting bored.
The time we spent with them we will never ever forget.
Anyway we are really happy because we could finish shooting all the documentary. It took a lot of time to find a bodu kura billoori (a hand lens) for our movie but at the end we find it at school. The main character was a child called Rayyan who played the role of child Abdullah Irufan. He was enjoying so much playing with that bodu kura billoori that he didn't want to give it back to the school.
Then we also had to go to Rayaan's house to take some other shoots
The next time we will finally start with the editing part. We can't wait for it!

Black Moon team

martedì 25 dicembre 2012

Wild Cat team gains confidence

Today we did a super job. It starts becoming easier and easier when we do it again and again. The best thing I know is that we really did a super job.


The funniest part of today was people riding bicycle with happiness. When we saw them we all started laughing. It was really funny and the work became really easier. Finally we did a great job today.


Today we save our time in a good way but today I was also very busy, I did a really hard work.
I think I am the super best cameraman.


Full Moon behind the cameras

Yesterday our first shooting was held. It was really awesome.
We spent a lot of time in search for actors and we tried a lot to complete each scene. Confidently, we finished our works with entire supports from members and sincere guiders.
Yesterday we understood how hard is to work behind the cameras.

Full Moon team

Black Moon team... and action!

Tonight it was a very enjoyable night because during the shooting time two of the actors were always telling very funny things. They were very old people and after few seconds having read what they had to say they didn't remember it and were telling other funny things. One of them was complaining with the other because he had a short sentence while the other had a very long sentence. That made him quite sad. Anyway they really enjoyed shooting with us.

Shifza, Nausha and Faakhira
Shooting an interview
Recording the voice-over track

Red Fox on the move!

I am the director of Red Fox team.
Today we prepared the props, and we had a lot of fun.
We just wanted to record the song, but the singers were sleeping! Because of that we sent 3 people to call the singers but they were too sleepy. So we decided to prepare the props. They are really nice! We used plastic bottles to build a fake solar panel for our music videoclip. And that's it. And we are now going home.



domenica 23 dicembre 2012

Script and Storyboard reviewing

Wildcat team just begun their shooting!

It was my first time as director and actress.
Today was the first day of shooting and it took plenty of time to take one shot, everyone was always laughing.
When it was the moment for acting I tried my best but every time we started I couldn't stay without laughing. It was funny and at last I did it.
It was one of the funniest days of my life.


This was my first time and I knew how hard Camera-man work is. Nothing to say about this.


I'm an Editor. This is the first time I became an editor. It's a very hard work but it's surprising and funny.


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lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

This is it!

We're finally on-line!
This will be a sort of web diary where all the kids of the workshop can write what they're doing and how they're feeling about this experience. It's been a lot of fun so far watching movies and learning how they're made, but now comes the funniest part: we're creating our own videos!
From a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean to the entire world, we'll be sharing this project with everybody.

Hope you'll enjoy this. We will for sure!


Andrea "Umaru" and Angelica
the "executive producers" :D