mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Black Moon team goes editing

Today was the last day of shooting and we went to Nabeel's house. In our documentary he is the inventor of the solar panels. He is the main character and he has done a great job.
During the afternoon, some kids came to act in our documentary. They are brilliant and talented. We spent some hours with them. They were really funny kids. Angie gave them as gift some bottles of coke because they were getting bored.
The time we spent with them we will never ever forget.
Anyway we are really happy because we could finish shooting all the documentary. It took a lot of time to find a bodu kura billoori (a hand lens) for our movie but at the end we find it at school. The main character was a child called Rayyan who played the role of child Abdullah Irufan. He was enjoying so much playing with that bodu kura billoori that he didn't want to give it back to the school.
Then we also had to go to Rayaan's house to take some other shoots
The next time we will finally start with the editing part. We can't wait for it!

Black Moon team

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