domenica 30 dicembre 2012

Wild Cat is on the way to complete the mission

The first day after the time table was changed we completed our job: that day we finished it!
Some shot was very easy but some other was very hard. For the last shot we had to find many people but most of those we found were kids. It was very hard just because they were kids but the camera man, Ishu, and me, the director, we both tried a very hard job to make them understand the scenes and Faiq, who looks after the sound, and Mahi, the one looking after the lights, they also did a great and hard job and that lazy Malsa editor and light operator did not come at morning but at afternoon we went to find her.

The thing I have to say to the group as director is: YOU ALL HAVE DONE A SUPER BEST JOB!
The next thing we all  have to do is editing, but the camera man is gone to Male'.

Rash, Wild Cat Director

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